July 20, 2018
3 days since
our celebration.
Hello 2018 Blaylock Family Reunion Attendees!
The July 20-22, 2018 Reunion is just around the corner and we need you to submit your registration form as soon as possible. We want to avoid the ‘last minute’ occurrences that distracts from an otherwise enjoyable and memorable event. The Planning Committee considered using PayPal as another means of paying fees, but discovered there would be 2.9% and .30 fee per ticket, so we chose not to utilize PayPal. Therefore, payments will only be accepted by check or money orders. 
'Registration Form' tab is on the left of this page. This form is used to calculate your fees to attend the reunion. Couples refers to a married couple, engaged couple, or your significant other;couple is not consider as a brother and sister, mom and daughter/son, etc.  All other categories are pretty much self explanatory.  
The Reunion fee includes 4 catered meals, t-shirt, activities, and several other features that will be described in future correspondence. 

On this form you have 2 T-shirt options.  First option, T-shirt without sleeve print ($10) and Second option is T-shirt with sleeve print ($13).  Sleeve prints will be name of your Descendant.
Descendants from Randolph Blaylock offsprings are: 
Willie Mae, Amy, Ophelia, Irene, Lisbon, Esco, Odolph, Benjamin, Ida Louise, Richard, Melvin, or Joseph.  
Descendant from Johnny Blaylock offsprings are:
Edward, Ella, or Roy.  
This will help to identify where our lineage is in the Blaylock Family tree.
T-Shirt sizes are listed below with the t-shirt design.

The last group of fees listed are activities that are provided at the All American Fun Park. These are just a few of the activities offered that are listed. They also offer: go karts, laser tag, arcades, and much more. There will also be activities going on at the Potter Community Center where our reunion is being held. Some of the activities will be face painting, 3 legged race, BINGO, card games, softball, etc. Another activity listed is Memory lane tour.  It provides some history of Randolph and his offsprings who grew up in Albany; there will be a tour of Albany related to our family history.

Once you have made your selections, please click 'submit'. All checks and money orders should be made payable to Blaylock Family Reunion and mailed to:

Morris Blaylock     202-660-2796 (cell)
7248 Parkland Bend
Fairburn, GA 30213


This form was emailed to you and can be used when submitting payments. It lists only age categories with installments per month for one individual. If you have more than one family member attending, select the appropriate age category to determine how much you will need to pay per month per person.

Family of 5: Debra (60), Imani (18), Alvin (17), Jobena (30), Evan (12)
Debra, Jobena, Imani each will pay $31.25 = $92.75/month
Alvin will pay $25/month 
Evan will pay $18.75/month
Total amount for this family of 5 per month is $136.50/month

On the form there is a line for names and ages of those attending.  Please provide the name and age of the individual(s) attending so we can have accurate accounting of all who are paying and attending. You can also see that there are 4 installment months: March, April, May, and June.  First installment should be made in March.  


This is our T-shirt design and color for Reunion 2018.

T-shirt sizes are as follows:
Child: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Adult: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXL, XXXL



The Reunion Planning Committee has done an exceptional job in preparing for your visit to Albany and this auspicious occasion.  We look forward to seeing you, your family and how we are all so intricately connected!!!

Don't forget to make your hotel reservtions, if you need accommodations.

Hotel links can be found on the 'Travelers' tab to the left.  Then click on
'Accommodations' to access hotel links and information.  

If you have any questions please contact:
Jimmy Blaylock at jimblaylock5@aol.com, or
Debra Blaylock-Hill at ogsunshine53@gmail.com

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